Isevalguvad põrandasegud/-tooted


Isetasanduv epoksükate (suurendatud kulumiskindlusega)

TOOTELEHT (inglise keeles)

Mapefloor SL HD is similar to Mapefloor SL, but has a different filler, and better wear resistance.

Mapefloor SL HD can be used as flooring in all types of industry, workshops and warehouses.

Mapefloor SL HD is normally applied on concrete and other cement-based substrates, but may also be used on steel surfaces.

Mapefloor SL HD is a three component self-leveling, solvent free epoxy.

Mapefloor SL HD contains fillers and gives highly abrasion and chemical resistant, watertight, seamless coatings.

Mapefloor SL HD is delivered in colors shown in the provided color guide

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Isetasanduv, kõrge kulumiskindlusega põrandatasandusssegu, kihi paksus  5 ...40 mm 

TOOTLEHT (inglie keeles)

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